The 5 Myths That Are Aging You Before Your Time

If you are over age 50, what if we told you that…

Almost Everything You Have Been Told About Nutrition and Fitness is Wrong.

Congratulations on taking the first step towards a better, healthier you.  While we are all aware of our state of health or the lack of it, not everyone actually DOES something about it.  You have!

The information in this report makes a great start to reclaiming what may have slipped away over the years.  You may not realize you can get stronger at any age…make small changes daily to improve…feel ten or more years younger…completely change your mentality…boost your energy levels through the roof and simply defy aging.  It is all under your control.

The REAL problem is that many of the things you were told growing up are completely false.

We at BioFit have the knowledge and experience to help you.  Here’s why YOU are our focus…

  • The Fitness industry has failed people aged 50 and over. Most exercise programs that are created these days are programs that people CAN’T do and don’t account for people who have particular needs

  • Shame is rampant in the exercise world – from being a motivational tactic (which is NOT good) to keeping people from actually going to fitness centers and getting healthier

  • Most fitness programs don’t take into account the neurology (brain function) that is so important to getting people aged 50 and over to their goals

  • Many fitness professionals do not have the experience or knowledge to help those who are either:

1) injured (they don’t know what to do, or how to make things better) 

2) older (the body has changed and so should the types and amount of exercise)

Why is it that we have specific medications to address certain diseases, pinpoint surgeries to deal with body repairs, and even specialty shops for material goods, but everyone should be doing the exact same exercises no matter the age or wear and tear on the body??!!

Moving past 50 does not mean the start of some inevitable decline.  You don’t realize you have far more control over the aging process than you thought you did.

Having ‘good genetics’ is NOT the only defense.  We have had clients shave years off their appearance by making a few simple changes.  In as soon as 8 weeks, friends, co-workers and significant others will be asking what you are doing differently.

There is no magic pill however.  It will take effort on your part.  And that ties into the first myth we want to destroy. 

Myth #1 – “All it takes is a little self-discipline.”

If you rely on ‘self-discipline’ alone, you will most likely fail!  Here’s why…

Self-discipline is an exhaustible resource – meaning, if you rely on this alone, eventually you will tire of the self-sacrifice and revert to your old, unhealthy patterns.  Your self-discipline will simply run out.  Here is the key…

Your motivation to change must come from something bigger than yourself.  That is, people who successfully navigate a major life improvement have a deep emotional reason to be successful.

Perhaps it was a medical scare…maybe it was a divorce…it may have been a glance in the mirror on the wrong day, in just the right light…perhaps you finally realized you NEEDED to live to be around your children or grandchildren longer…you WANTED to spend more quality years with your loved one – or maybe find a new loved one.

Whatever your personal reasons are, it MUST come from someplace deeper and more meaningful than finding the ‘discipline’ to drop a few pounds or ‘get more toned’. 

You must FIND YOUR REASON…what is yours?

NOTE: We always want our clients to actually sit down and write out their own “Purpose”.  Please take a few minutes and do this first.  You don’t need any equipment or even our help to get started with this.

In the rest of this report, we are going to touch upon three major areas:  Nutrition & Supplements, Stress Reduction and actual Workouts.  There are so many myths in the fitness industry, it makes getting a straight answer difficult.

We are here to cut through the clutter standing in your way.

This report details 4 more things you may have been told. The problem is, they aren’t truth…

We all remember hearing the “rules” back in the day.  It was simple enough; get plenty of exercise, eat right, etc.

Then life got in the way.  You got busy and suddenly you don’t get so much exercise and eating right became an occasional thing.  You try hard, but with your schedule, it just doesn’t always happen.

Now that it’s time to get back into the swing of things – you find out the rules have changed.

What used to be good for us is now bad and vise versa.

Let’s try and set things straight…

Here are more of the biggest myths in the health industry.

Myth #2 – “Grains are always good for you” One of the backbones of the USDA Food Pyramid was and is the recommendation of several helpings of grains every day.


Grains, which roughly include bread, rice, cereals, crackers, pasta, rye, barley and oats are a very calorie dense food group.  If you are doing large amount of physical labor, expending huge amounts of calories daily, grains may be valuable to you as a needed source of calories.

However, if you are like many people and sit at a desk for a living or do minimal labor each day, you do not needgrains.

We had one client struggle with belly fat for literally 10 years.  One day we recommended she go without any form of grains for a month.  Guess what happened?  Her ‘wheat belly’ was GONE in three weeks!

In short, if weight management is a problem for you, drop the grains and watch the change

Remember, the vast majority of grains are high glycemic, meaning they produce a similar insulin response as sugar.  Once you minimize an excessive insulin response, the craving for sugar dissipates.

Sugar begets sugar.  Most people are stuck on a sugar roller coaster with wild swings in blood sugar throughout the day.  Low blood sugar stimulates a POWERFUL urge for quick sugar to raise blood sugar levels again.

Sugar cravings at one time of the day can generally be traced to sugar intake at a previous meal or snack.  For example: Sugar cravings in the evening can be traced to food choices for lunch, breakfast and even dinner the evening before.  NOTHING HAPPENS IN A VACUUM.  There is an actual cause to sugar cravings – they are not caused by a ‘sweet tooth’.  Minimize the sugary snacks and high glycemic foods earlier in the day and sugar cravings will subside in the evening.

Myth #3 – “Fats are bad for you” In the 1970’s we were all told that fat is the enemy and we should reduce our intake of this nutrient at all costs.  It turns out this is incorrect.

Removing fat from our diets was a public health disaster

The food companies…and just about everyone else…plugged in carbs and simple sugars in place of the fat and as a result diabetes and obesity rates exploded.

 When we throw out all fats, you throw out the ones that are good for us as well.  So, let’s make this simple. We NEED fat for everything from healthy cell membranes to hormone production.

In short, multiple large scale studies have shown that the percentage of fat in the diet did not impact any major health indicator including cancer, heart disease or weight gain.

Our clients have LOWERED their cholesterol and dropped body fat by INCREASING the fat in their diets!  The low fat diet advice is not truth.

Increase foods like mixed nuts, olive oil, avocados, cold water fish like salmon and coconut oil. It is also OK to ditch the margarine in favor of butter; Saturated fat is not the evil we have always been told it was; just eat saturated fat in moderation.

 Myth #4 – “You don’t need any supplements”  One ‘anti-supplement’ argument claims that if you eat a healthy overall diet, you do not need supplements.  There are two problems with this: 

  • First, how many people do you know eat a truly complete and healthy diet? Not many.

  • Second, the food quality in the US has decreased over time due to excess processing as well as a depletion of nutrients in the soil.

Adding a few select supplements to your routine provides a “shot gun effect” making sure no micronutrients are missed.

Here is a list of supplements proven to be most beneficial to individuals over age 50:

  • A HIGH QUALITY multi-vitamin – This is the best way to make sure you get the vital micronutrients you may be missing in your diet. My only warning here is to invest in a high-quality multi and not the generic one pill per day brands.  They are not absorbed well and the ingredients are in very, very low doses.

  • Omega 3 Fish Oil – the health benefits of fish oil are literally too many to list in the report. Suffice it to say that virtually every human system can benefit from additional fish oil.

Strive to take at least two grams of Omega 3 Fish Oil per day.

  • Glucosamine – How many individuals over 50 have joint problems?  Lots of them.  Keeping inflammation under control will help joint health.  Glucosamine helps repair cartilage and replenish synovial fluid, which can help with keeping inflammation in check.

Many more serious diseases are now being viewed as inflammation issues and not just random illnesses.  Diabetes, heart disease and even Alzheimer’s have an inflammation basis or component.

Keeping inflammation in check can have far-reaching benefits.

Try adding a glucosamine supplement to your daily routine.

  • Vitamin D – This supplement is emerging as the superstar of vitamins.

Vitamin D plays a major role in absorbing calcium and promoting strong bones.  We all know how vital this is in later years – especially for females.

However Vitamin D also plays a role in lowering blood pressure, decreasing your chances of developing diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and even multiple sclerosis.

In addition, vitamin D supplementation can even reduce the risk of some cancers!

Heard enough?  Try adding about 1,000 – 2,000 IU’s to your supplement routine.

Myth #5 – “Running is the BEST cardio for you”  Running is a natural action with lots of devoted fans.  It improves cardio-vascular function, BUT…Is jogging on a treadmill the best use of your precious time?

 Research shows running excessive, steady-state mileage can result in negative effects.

 “Runners who put in a large number of miles per week have been shown to have higher level of damaging plaque in their arteries; suffer from repetitive use injuries to joints such as knees and hips and can experience ‘oxidative stress’ which is damage to tissues of the body by the constant burning of oxygen. “

If you MUST run, get on a well-structured interval training program here you change your pace regularly.

Finally, distance running does not build muscle mass.  The loss of muscle mass is a major issue as we age.  Excessive loss of muscle mass has been tied directly to mortality levels in older adults…and let’s face it – having Less muscle mass just doesn’t look good.

The best alternative?  Regular strength training*.

More research is coming out now about the incredible benefits of strength training or resistance training as it is also called.  Strength Training has been shown to be almost anti-aging in nature.

*It can help restore the brain, improve metabolism and is the ONLY way to gain or at least retain valuable muscle mass.

Yoga, Pilates, Barre classes are very popular and definitely have their place.  Each one serves a very unique function.   However, they don’t stimulate muscles to grow like adding external resistance.

NOTE:  Ladies – please understand that you will NOT get bulky by lifting weights!  It’s simply a fallacy. Besides, strong is the new sexy!

 In short, if you only do ONE THING to improve yourself this year –

–Find a qualified trainer today who understands the needs of clients over 50 and can put together a program just for YOU!

If any of the information presented in this report “is news to you”, it may be time to reach out and get in touch with us at BioFit.

We have made it our mission to help our clients just like you

…get back that certain something you thought was lost forever…

…feel the energy you had when you were younger…

…regain your confidence…

…fight and even reverse the process of aging!

Imagine what you would feel like…to shock your friends and surprise the heck out of your family doctor in your next visit by looking younger, dropping the body fat and feeling better and stronger.

  • How would you like to see your waistline shrink for once instead of slowly growing?

  • Wouldn’t it be great to have your own doctor ask you how you did it?

  • What difference would it make in your life to NOT CRAVE SUGAR constantly?

You CAN get these results quickly and easily.  We will design a training program and nutrition plan that is right for YOU…not one that everyone at the local big box gym is doing.

Put all these challenges in the past. Period.

Please contact us at the number below and set up your appointment for initial testing.  We will go over all the details of our exclusive Pure 50+ testing and program design.

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