Muscle Activation

Muscle Activation Techniques is a revolutionary manual bodywork system that takes the view that muscle tightness does not cause most biomechanical problems, but is secondary to muscle weakness and inhibition.

MAT maximizes force tolerance in your muscular system to restore health, improves muscular strength and stability, and prevents muscular injuries. BioFit has integrated MAT as a part of its training repertoire because we’ve found it to be, simply put, the most effective form of muscular injury restoration and prevention.

Ask us about MAT if:

  • You have muscle-related injuries you are looking to repair.

  • You are looking to remain injury free.

  • You want or need your body to function optimally on an ongoing basis.

MAT appointments at BioFit are available in 30- and 55-minute sessions to maximize value and benefit for you.

Interested in muscle Activation Techniques?