Who Keeps You Accountable?

I got a speeding ticket today. I was going too fast, not aware of my speed, and there he was.

It was pretty obvious. I didn’t try to talk my way out of it, nor did I have an excuse of why I was going much faster than the posted speed limit. I simply apologized to the officer, took the ticket, and expect to pay for it since I broke the law.

The officer simply said, “Just try to slow down a bit.”

Did I deserve to get a ticket? Yes. Was I happy about it? No.

So as my work day ended, I got in my car and became much more alert to how fast I was going on my way home. Getting the ticket early this morning influenced my driving on my way home from work.

Looks like getting the ticket did it’s job. It kept me more accountable to how fast I was going.

Do you have an accountability partner, appointment, or reminder? If not, maybe it is time to seek one out to stay on track.

I know that were it not for set appointments, many of the people I see on a weekly basis would not get in the activity their bodies need to thrive. I know I need MY set appointments to keep ME accountable. Otherwise I can get sidetracked, scattered, and eventually lose focus on what I need or want to accomplish.

Make sure to find that accountability partner, appointment, or reminder to help you attain your goals and intentions.

And make sure to stay within the speed limits!