Explore Biofit Services

Every person is different. That means every fitness plan should be, too. At Biofit, our therapy-based approach allows us to tailor fitness plans to your age, fitness level, experience, and more. Recover from an injury, build strength, increase flexibility, and/or gain confidence with our fitness plans and services.


Gym Membership

Come and go as you please. We’re different than your average gym, but still offer the same equipment and experience for daily workouts.


Personal Training

Tailored training plans for your age, body type, and experience. Lose weight, move without pain, and adhere to a training regimen without the pressure that comes with your typical gym.


Group Fitness

Working out together increases confidence and provides encouragement you don’t get alone. Join a small group fitness class and take your training to the next level, making friends along the way.


Massage Therapy

Work out pain or recover from injury with massage therapy. Our highly talented, experienced, and passionate therapists help people from all walks of life and are honored to join in your commitment to your health and wellness.


Muscle Activation

Restore health, improve strength & stability, and prevent injuries with an MAT approach. If you’ve experienced muscle injury before, this is your answer.


Pure Balance Program

Our Pure Balance Program is for clients who are 50+ years of age to help them rebuild their confidence, move with independence, and improve health and wellness.