What is a MAT Tune-Up?

After our last newsletter, we received many responses back asking, “What is a MAT tune- up?”

Much like having to take our vehicles into the shop for a tune-up to have it performing better, Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) can be used to keep your body “tuned up” and working at a higher neurological level. After a higher frequency of sessions,

many of our clients utilize a 1 to 2x per month tune-up to keep themselves performing at a high level in the gym and in everyday activities.

If you believe a MAT tune-up can help you stay at the top of your game no matter what the circumstances, contact us today!

MAT can help to reduce or eliminate pain from the following:

  •   Muscular Imbalances

  •   Muscle Pain

  •   Back Pain

  •   Shoulder Pain

  •   Hip/Knee Pain

  •   Sciatic Pain

  •   Rotator Cuff Injures

  •   Carpel Tunnel  Syndrome

  •   IT Band

  •   Other Sports Related  Injuries