Thoughts on the Snowpocalypse in KC

Hello on this sunny winter day. BioFit was pretty much shut down with the rest of the city the past few days, but that doesn’t stop us from being able to communicate. If we can’t offer some muscle power we can at least offer some brain power (even though both go hand in hand).

It is a couple days after the blizzard we received from mother nature, and things are winding down. Of course, there is now a new winter warning headed our way starting tomorrow late afternoon so be on the lookout.

A couple thoughts about the snowstorm that coincide with what we teach at BioFit:

1) Be Prepared. The city as well as us as individuals needed to be prepared when the storm hit. This also is true about our health & fitness. We need to be prepared by having nutritious meals ready. We need to be prepared by having an appointment ready for when we are going to exercise.  And we need to be prepared when life deals us something that throws our schedule off or interferes with our plans. Be prepared ahead of time.

2) Improvise. Along with being prepared comes the ability to improvise when plans actually do change. The roads were horrible, so many people didn’t get to a fitness facility and thus didn’t move at all. What can one do for exercise? It doesn’t have to be all about calorie burning – maybe do specific mobility drills we teach at BioFit that will help your brain communicate with your muscles. Perform isometrics to help increase stability in your body. These are things you can do comfortably at home with no equipment. Really want to burn those calories? Get out and shovel that driveway. A person who weighs 150 lbs and shovels for 60 minutes burns about 400 calories. Add that to the sense of accomplishment, and it’s an hour well spent.

3) Be Smart With Your Body. We all have seen the cars stranded on the road who thought they could beat the storm. Dangerous conditions arose out of trying to drive in this weather. Likewise, dangerous conditions can arise when you aren’t smart with your body. Yes, shoveling that snow can burn those calories, but if you haven’t done any activity for a long time and then try to exert yourself strenuously you could be in for some aches and pains. That is why being conditioned both physically and mentally is so important – so you can handle what is thrown your way  without your body breaking down under the stress.

4) Enjoy The Moment. There really wasn’t much we could do except stay inside. Maybe this was a time to mentally unwind and give yourself a break. Read that book you have been meaning to get to. Call a friend and catch up. Get that indoor home project finished that has been put off. With all of these things, just being in the moment can do wonders for your psyche.

5) Utilize Your Resources. I spoke with my sister who lives in upstate NY, and when they received over a foot of snow, she said they cancelled after school activities. That was it. Everything else in the city was up and running. That is because 1) they are used to getting tons of snow, and 2) they have the resources to handle that type of weather. When you have the resources and utilize them properly, you are bound for success (whether reaching your health & fitness goals or clearing a city out from being under snow). At BioFit, we have a number of resources to help you reach your potential from a physical/neurological, mental/emotional, or chemical/nutritional standpoint. We are here for you.

Ok, that’s all for now. Hopefully we will get some relief from what is to come in the next 48 hours, but if not – make sure to use the above information to keep you on track. Stay safe, stay warm, and live well!

Yours in Health & Fitness,

The BioFit Team