Biofit Pure Balance Program

As we age, our balance and body awareness can easily deteriorate. At BioFit, we recognize this problem, but we also know that it can be reversed. So, we offer our Pure Balance Program for clients who are 50+ years of age to regain their confidence, start moving with independence, and improve their health and wellness in their autumn years.

What's included in our Pure Balance Program?

  • 90-day program designed by a physical therapist for clients 50+ years of age

  • Pre- and post-assessment testing (balance, weight, fitness)

  • 36 sessions of fun and effective exercise led by a world class senior trainer

  • Sessions are held in a fun, social environment with up to eight people

  • Amazing participant results: 30% improvement in balance and strength

  • Memory, attention, and daily brain exercises with software developed by the world’s top neuroscientists

  • Nutritional recommendations to revitalize your body

  • Personalized workout and nutrition advisement

Here’s how it works:

Upcoming Dates:
January-March, May-July, September-November

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Registration Fee of $199 (only $5.34 / class)

You choose which class you want to attend during the 90-day challenge. (10 a.m., 11 a.m., or 2 p.m.)

Interested in Our Pure Balance Program?